Sunday, July 10, 2011

Books I Reccommend

My Growing List of clean Regency Romances that I have read (Under Construction)

Aidan, Pamela
      (a trilogy spinoff of Pride and Prejudice written from Darcy's point of view)

Part 1:  An Assemby Such As This
Part 2: Duty and Desire
Part 3: These Three Remain

DiPastena, Joyce
Loyalty's Web  

Illuminations of the Heart

Drummond, June
The Bluestocking

The Unsuitable Miss Pehlam   

Eden, Sarah M.
The Kiss of a Stranger

Ferguson, Jo Ann
    (I do not think her newer ones are as clean as these older ones)
The Perfect Bride (Also titled The Perfect Match)

A Primrose Wedding

Hatch, Donna
The Stranger She Married

The Guise of a Gentleman

Klassen, Julie
The Silent Governess


The Girl in the Gatehouse